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The most important events around Lake Wolfgang

Man against train

After a 20-year break, this legendary mountain run is celebrating its comeback. With gradients of 26% and a height difference of 1240m, this is one of the biggest challenges in extreme mountain sport. The track record is 43.04 mins, and the train covers this distance in a time of around 40 mins. After a break of 40 years, will the runners be able to beat the train?

Scalaria Air Challenge

On the second weekend in July every year, the fantastic, unbelievable, legendary Scalaria Air Challenge takes place. An international meeting of the finest seaplanes in the world, brought together in one amazing show. On water and on land!

Strap yourselves in, because expectations will be exceeded again this year!

Lake Wolfgang Challenge

The hardest cross triathlon in Austria takes place every year on Lake Wolfgang.

Lake Wolfgang Run

For almost 40 years, the run around Lake Wolfgang has taken place in the 3rd weekend in October. A special challenge for participants of all ages. 27, 10 or 5 km distances around one of Austria’s most beautiful lakes.